Communicating Effectively across Cultures in the Contemporary Workplace

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Wednesday, January 13
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
College Building, Room 106, 2155 College Avenue, Regina

This workshop takes a reflective, interactive, and constructive approach towards developing and improving intercultural communication skills or intercultural competence. Participants will be introduced to concepts and models pertaining to culture, cultural differences, communication differences, and intercultural competence. They will have the opportunity to develop some awareness about their own cultural identities, differences, biases, and communication styles. They will briefly assess their intercultural competence – knowledge, skills, and attitudes – and consider how they may develop intercultural competence or improve their intercultural competence level in relation to their individual workplace roles, contexts, and goals.

Angeline Chia has facilitated English as a Second/Additional Language programs for international students at the University of Regina and coordinated career development programs for newcomers to Canada at the Regina Open Door Society. Angeline has studied diversity management within a Master’s degree in Education (Human Resource Development) and pursued intercultural communication training to provide quality service to her clients.  She continually learns from her interactions with people from diverse cultural backgrounds to become a more effective intercultural communicator.

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