Working and Learning Together Across Generations

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Tuesday, March 14
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
First Nations University of Canada, FNUC 3304

Working and Learning Together Across Generations

If we look at who is active in many non-profit Boards/Committees, we tend to see groups that are pretty narrow in their age range. An organization that works productively across a variety of age demographics is hard to find. Often differing experiences, expectations, and perceptions  can make this sort of work challenging for individuals who feel that their insights and skills are not honoured and/or appreciated. This workshop will offer the chance to think about how organizations can constructively work to increase intergenerational understanding and be better representations of our communities. Participants will gain insight into how to work more effectively with youth and older adults to enhance the services provided by those in the non-profit sector.


Cam Fraser is the Minister of Knox-Metropolitan United Church in downtown Regina – having worked for the past decade with a number of United Church Congregations, Provincial and Regional Committees and with United Church Camping he has worked with a number of Boards and Committees trying to work respectfully and constructively across broad age ranges.

Kerrie Strathy, an adult educator by profession, is Division Head at the University of Regina Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) where she works with older adults, including Aboriginal Grandmothers caring for grandchildren and the Seniors’ University Group. Kerrie spent almost seven years at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji working on environment awareness programs with traditional healers and others. She has served on many boards and is currently on the Regina Open Door Society Board. Kerrie’s interests include strategic planning, program evaluation, board development, volunteerism, and retirement planning, as well as cross-cultural, gender, and environment awareness.

Marj Thiessen, a lifelong volunteer and volunteer coordinator, has been active in board and volunteer development for many years. She has worked with the YWCA, Canadian Red Cross and Canadian Blood Services in positions where she was responsible for recruiting, training and recognizing volunteers. She has served on many boards and committees and is a long time Dallas Valley Ranch Camp Board Member. Marj’s current volunteer activities include working with young kids in school and with older adults at the Lifelong Learning Centre who are working to reduce social isolation and older adult abuse.


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