Engaging Youth: Consistently Reworking “Plan B”

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
First Nations University of Canada, FNUC 3304

Engaging Youth – Consistently Reworking Plan B
Often, organizations have trouble learning to fully activate the diverse skill sets of today’s youth within the work that they do. This session will explore some tools in authentically engaging youth in organizing, and ways to retain their involvement in the future. Drawing from Mel and Leo’s experiences working as youth, and with youth, in a variety of organizational structures, we will collectively work to challenge our assumptions about genuine youth engagement – Let’s face it, your plan A is always consistently reworking plan B, right?

Mel Metcalf and Leo Keiser come with a variety of different experiences working as, and with, youth. From flexible educational programming, to bustling festival environments, they’ve waded through the joys and challenges of being seen as young workers, and in turn, working alongside youth. Leo and Mel’s professional lives collided in March of 2017 through their work at the Regina Folk Festival, and they’ve been accomplices/BFFs ever since.

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